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Body Composition

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  February 21, 2022

How Do We Actually Lose Body Fat?

Does it just disappear into thin air? If not, where does it go?...

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  January 18, 2022

Is Protein The Most Satiating Macronutrient?

This idea that protein is far and away the most satiating macronutrient primarily...

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  January 05, 2022

Do Dietary Cholesterol and Saturated Fat Cause Heart Attacks in Everyone?

We touched on this subject in a previous article - Does Saturated Fat...

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  December 29, 2021

My Thoughts On Goal Setting and Behavior Change.

I have been posting some short-form content about goal setting. I have also...

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  November 22, 2021

Is Weight Loss Healthy? An Anti-Diet vs. Diet Culture Conversation and What We Can Do About It.

Below is a productive exchange with Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro [https://www.instagram.com/...

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  November 16, 2021

Is A Six-Pack Even Healthy?

First, you absolutely do NOT need a six-pack to be healthy in any...

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  November 08, 2021

Does Low Thyroid Output Prevent Weight Loss?

If you have worked in the health and wellness field you’ve likely...

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  October 26, 2021

Does Cortisol Equal Belly Fat?

Prednisone (a corticosteroid medication) and long-term supraphysiologic levels of corticosteroids can cause weight...

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  October 20, 2021

How Bad Is A Few Nights of Poor Sleep?

How much truth is in the fatalistic narrative...My Sleep Is Off...I...

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