, November 29, 2023

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  February 02, 2023

Can Highly Trained Individuals Recover From 4 Hard Sets Per Muscle Group in 24 Hours?

Repeat Acute Recoverability to Full-Body Resistance Training Among Highly Trained Individuals. By: Benjamin...

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  February 09, 2022

How Would I Use Deconstruct Nutrition?

There are two main ways I see information articulated to clients in the...

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  November 16, 2021

Is A Six-Pack Even Healthy?

First, you absolutely do NOT need a six-pack to be healthy in any...

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  September 10, 2021

Is Exercise Pointless for Fat Loss?

While it is accurate to say that people generally don’t lose a...

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  September 05, 2021

What Is The Safest Way to Train?

Last week Dr. Tommy Wood and I released a podcast called - Is...

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