, September 26, 2022

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If I Lose Weight...Will I Be Happy?

  •   13 min reads
If I Lose Weight...Will I Be Happy?

“Happiness comes from within, and happiness comes from without.”- Dr. Jonathan Haidt – The Happiness Hypothesis

This post is going to get a little deep. I practice Zen Buddhism. I was burned in the forearm with incense when I was nineteen years old. My first teachers are all dead. I was entirely celibate for two years at the age of 20, but have also been a meditating social alcoholic at multiple points in my life. I am now almost eight years sober, but throughout much of my life I’ve been haunted by this question of “what is enough?”

I don’t think I am alone, as many of us struggle with the concept of happiness. However, despite what the “live your truth” crowd might say, the point of human life is not to be happy.

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