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Is Red Meat Going To Kill Me?

  •   12 min reads
Is Red Meat Going To Kill Me?

This debate is full of emotion, so let’s dive in as objectively as possible with an open mind for all perspectives.

When we ask people what they eat with food frequency questionnaires or dietary recalls and follow them over decades there seems to be a consistent relationship with red meat consumption and all-cause mortality and cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk [1-4].

This specific type of epidemiology is called prospective observational research. The inherent limitation of this type of study design is that you CANNOT establish causality, and it is very hard to statistically control for all the other potential confounding variables.

To put all that science speak in perspective, take a moment to think about someone in your own life who crushes double-bacon cheeseburgers regularly vs. someone who nibbles on lots of kale and quinoa.

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