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  November 30, 2021

Does Saturated Fat Increase LDL Cholesterol?

One can't even honestly effectively answer this question because it is just too...

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  September 24, 2021

How Bad Are Ultra-Processed Foods?

In industrialized nations, ultra-processed foods (UPFs) tend to make up ~61-84% of our...

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  August 08, 2021

Does Fasted Cardio Increase Fat Loss?

On the exercise side, the most prevalent mechanistic magic sell out there is Fasted Cardio....

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  August 07, 2021

Is Keto Magic for Fat Loss?

A wildly interesting new study was just pubbed in Clinical Nutrition that essentially looked at what were the body composition results between Keto (~27 grams of carbs) and a Very Low Carb Diet (~82 grams of carbs and not in Ketosis)....

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  August 06, 2021

Why Low Carb Diets Tend To Be The Default?

Low carb tends to work because it inherently limits options and people generally increase their consumption of whole foods and protein, but one doesn't need to go low carb do to this!...

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