, December 02, 2021

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  August 10, 2021

Can You Lose Weight and Eat Carbohydrates?

Over the last ten to fifteen years, most of us have been under a ceaseless onslaught of misinformation from the low carb/anti-carb community. This is in sharp contrast to the decades before it, which was the age of low fat Snackwell’s cookies....

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  August 10, 2021

Can You Drink Alcohol and Lose Weight?

The answer to this question is unequivocally…YES Below are the results from a fairly famous 12-week study......

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  August 10, 2021

Can Obese Athletes Be Healthy?

This is an interesting argument that, ironically, comes from both sides of the Diet Wars. Let's pick it apart....

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  August 09, 2021

Should You Lose Weight Fast or Slow?

This really comes down to two questions: What do you want? AND What is your current body composition?...

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  August 08, 2021

Are Plants Healthy?

There seems to be a raging debate on the internet right now between people who are PRO ALL the plants and others that have spun the narrative to a place where plants are actually causing people harm....

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  August 04, 2021

Is Weight Loss Impossible?

This post is designed to dismantle the debate between Diet Culture and Anti-Diet Culture...

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