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How Do You Measure Gut Health And When Is It Even Warranted with Dr. Lucy Mailing and Dr. Tommy Wood

  •   1 min read
How Do You Measure Gut Health And When Is It Even Warranted with Dr. Lucy Mailing and Dr. Tommy Wood

In this week’s content, Dr. Tommy and I spent time with Dr. Lucy Mailing discussing all things stool testing.

You can see the video of that conversation below and you can download the audio HERE.

You may also want to check out the Gut Health Module from the Advanced Blood Chemistry Course as a primer to this conversation which you can find HERE.

Time Stamps

1:50 – What warrants some type of stool testing? A comprehensive guide to stool and microbiome testing

4:28 – What if someone needs to take antibiotics and has lingering GI symptoms post-antibiotic therapy?

5:30 – What are the two main things Dr. Mailing is looking for by running a stool test?

6:50 – Is simultaneously taking probiotics if you need to take antibiotics a good idea? Dr. Mailing’s article HERE

10:48 – What is butyrate and what doses seem to be beneficial?

14:07 – What about glutamine and gut health?

16:22 – Someone gets food poisoning or traveler’s diarrhea when would stool testing be warranted?

17:55 – Intestinal permeability and enterotoxins

19:58 – What stool testing are you currently using and what information do these tests give you?

23:32 – Where have we come in the last decade when it comes to non-pharmaceutical and herbal antimicrobials?

28:28 – How do we restore a "normal" GI environment?

29:57 – Serum Bovine Immunoglobulins and Colostrum

31:54 – Where are we with validity when it comes to gut microbiome testing?

34:48 - What about precision and accounting for analytic and biological variability in stool testing and gut microbiome analyses?

37:51 – Why might we be seeing serially null findings in gut microbiome research at the group level and how can we potentially design studies to account for the inherent heterogeneity of this type of data?

44:26 – What diet supports gut health...the best?

46:14 – Can we legitimately make individualized dietary and supplemental recommendations based on microbiome testing results?

48:32 – Where can people find out more about Dr. Mailing’s work? HERE

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