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Is A Six-Pack Even Healthy?

  •   16 min reads
Is A Six-Pack Even Healthy?

First, you absolutely do NOT need a six-pack to be healthy in any real sense of the word.

We have covered the higher end of body fat levels as it relates to metabolic health in Can You Really Be Healthy At Any Size, but are low body fat percentages inherently healthy?

Is a Six-Pack even healthy?

This is an extremely nuanced question and the individual answer to this question will ultimately depend on how shredded of a six-pack, the processes in play to maintain such a physique, and our personal definition of health.

It is actually very possible that some of the people you see on Instagram with insanely chiseled abs are NOT healthy from a hormonal, immune, GI, bone, and/or psycho-social-emotional standpoint at the moment those photos were taken.

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