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Dr. Ben House

Dr. Ben House

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House has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from UT-Austin and has been working in nutrition and fitness for over 15 years. He has numerous publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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  July 20, 2023

A Better Way To Track Hypertrophy?

Body composition testing has many different sources of error, but we are getting closer to having reliable technologies to measure muscle cross-sectional area longitudinally. However, we need more research in highly trained individuals and in body recomposition scenarios....

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  July 06, 2023

Should We Avoid Telling People Not To Eat Processed Food?

We have talked about the potential negatives of creating good vs. bad narratives around food HERE and I think that is warranted, but I also find it quite difficult to not think of the modern capitalistic food industry as at least somewhat culpable for our current health predicament....

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  March 16, 2023

How Do You Measure Gut Health And When Is It Even Warranted with Dr. Lucy Mailing and Dr. Tommy Wood

In this week’s content, Dr. Tommy and I spent time with Dr. Lucy Mailing conversing about all things stool testing....

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